Retargeting Made Easy


We offer a URL shortener which adds retargeting pixels to each shortened link

Embed retargeting pixels

Generate tracking links with retargeting pixels to increase your sales.

Build custom audiences

Tag people clicking on your tracking links. Reach them again with tailored retargeting ads

Integrate Ads Platforms

Integrated to all ads platforms such as Adwords, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Pinterest and more.

Increase sales

Retarget visitors who previously click on your links with more ads and convert them into sales.

Use Cases

Laser Focused Facebook Ads

Imagine that you are running a Facebook campaign with retargeting. Using, you can retarget or "pixel" anybody who clicks on your shared links on social media, email and ads, and finally retarget your audience with another ad or another offer. Besides that, you will be able to collect the data behind the audience such as demographics, locations, devices, etc. As a summary, you can increase your Facebook retargeting audience through your regular link sharing process.

Sell More on Amazon

Want to drive more visitors back to your Amazon product page. Use Facebook retargeting ads to bring them back and hopefully turn them into customers. Although Amazon is a great platform for selling your products, you cannot install your Facebook retargeting pixels directly in your product page because Amazon does not allow this on its website. The solution is to use a link shortener like Pixela to act as a middle-man to inject the retargeting pixels for you. As a summary, you can add retargeting pixels to Amazon product pages and retarget those Amazon prospects later.

Retargeting for Marketing Agencies

Some marketing agencies have a hard to time to get retargeting pixels installed on their clients' website because clients don't want to give control over their source code. With Pixela, you can advise retargeting as marketing strategy to your clients without touching any source code or taking control over your clients' website.

Retargeting and Content Marketing

Imagine that you can add your retargeting pixels in each link/reference of the content that you publish, for example, in Medium. So, anyone who clicks on those links will be retargetable on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, etc. As a summary, you will never lose the audience visiting your articles.

Increase Awareness of your Brand and More Sales

Retargeting ad campaigns play into one of the oldest concepts in marketing: The Rule of Seven. The Rule of Seven simply states that the prospective buyer should hear or see your marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you. It is estimated that only 2% of click-through website visitors convert (aka: make a purchase) on their very first visit to an online store and about 96% of all website visitors visit websites when they are not ready to buy. So, savvy digital marketers will opt to retarget prospects on different parts of the sales funnel using retargeting advertisements


For our needs, Pixela is great and does just what we need. Superb customer service. I am really impressed!

Jesus Formetin

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Pixela?

Pixela is a URL shortener, which embeds a retargeting pixel into each link that you shorten. Improve every link you share with retargeting pixels, so you can reach and retarget those people who clicked on your link on Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn ads. In short, once a customer visits your website; you can reach them again with targeted ads via Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn, resulting in an easier monetization, and smoother transitions in the customer journey.

Who uses Pixela?

Whether you are an Amazon seller, a digital marketing agency, or an influencer, if you are sending traffic to your website by sharing links to potential customers, using Pixela will allow you to pixel users and collect data. You can then use this data for analysis and hyper-targeted remarketing, through multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn Ads, etc.

What is retargeting?

It is the process of tagging website visitors so you can target them specifically, with ads tailored to their level of interest in your brand, across an advertising network. It is also called remarketing.

What is a retargeting pixel?

A retargeting pixel is just a piece of code that lets you track people who click on your links so you can show them more relevant ads and content through third-party channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.